Quick-change patches…

Easily swap out designs! Pull the corner to remove one patch and apply another. It’s that simple to add a new look to your dog’s wardrobe!


Our coordinating Tell-Tail Leash with a soft neoprene-lined handle adds comfort and style to every walk!



Our primary goal

Our goal is to fill a gap in the marketplace for a personalized dog harness, allowing pet owners to change their dog’s look any time with just one harness.

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Why we are unique

Our patented design allows dog-owners to easily swap out fun images and logos on the front of the harness, using a durable, detachable patch.

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Collection highlights

Keep your dog stylin’ with a variety of patches ranging from fun and funky to dapper plaids and prints and our “Because We Care” collection.

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  • Features
  • Safe and comfortable fit
  • Adjustable at neck and back
  • Easy on-off squeeze buckles
  • Breathable mesh
  • Durable nylon webbing straps
  • D-rings for leash, tags and charms
  • Fun interchangeable designs

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  • What people are saying...

    Love! Finally a harness that is great looking and fits my dog well. Changing the design patch is so easy! Rosie has been the hit of our local coffee shop this week. The bright colored handle on the leash is so comfortable and love how it coordinates with your designs. A big Tell-Tail fan!

    —Sue in California

  • What people are saying...

    Thank you for creating a great fitting harness.  I never thought that I would see my husband having so much fun choosing which design patch our pugs will wear!

    —Julie in Connecticut

  • What people are saying...

    Dutch’s mommy says classy. Dutch says comfy and easy to put on me.

    —Elaine & Irwin in Florida

  • What people are saying...

    What a great harness! My dog doesn’t like it when we put any type of clothing or harnesses on him, but when I put the Tell Tail Harness on him, he didn’t mind at all! You can tell a lot of thought went into the design of this harness because it fits him perfectly. It’s like fashion, design, and practicality met to create something for my dog. Love it!

    —Rob in Florida

  • What people are saying...

    Great fitting harness!  A clever and fun concept!  Can’t wait to continue collecting more patches. My Ruby looks so cute in it.

    —Lisa in Connecticut

  • What people are saying...

    I love to put my dog in all different colors and designs and we used to have 25+ different collars and harnesses until now. After getting the Tell Tail Harness we got rid of all of them. We love the easily interchangeable patches you switch easily on and off. Also the breathable mesh makes it comfortable to wear all day long in any weather. We will never use another collar or harness again after finding the Charlie and Spike harness that meets all of our needs in one! Oreo Double Stuff loves it! ”
    Katy Jo and Oreo Fishers, IN

    —Katy Jo and Oreo in Indiana